13 June-28 February 2022
ISC West

Keynote Series

Dave Komendat

Day 1 Keynote: Security Returns: Creating a Lasting, Data-Driven Value Proposition For Your Organization

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ADT Commercial

Monday, July 19 | 11:15 AM - 12:00 PM
Featuring: Dave Komendat, Vice President and Chief Security Officer, The Boeing Company

Dave Komendat, Vice President & Chief Security Officer for The Boeing Company and 20-year security executive, will share his thoughts on how the security industry will recover and grow once the pandemic subsides. Why have some companies made the decision to greatly reduce their security function over the past year, while other companies have invested in the function during these difficult times? What led to these intentional investment decisions being made and what are their long-term ramifications?

Those security organizations, suppliers and integrators who can demonstrate a strong value proposition using defined metrics will survive and thrive; those who cannot will likely be challenged as businesses and face a challenging future. How can you effectively share your organizational value proposition with your internal business partners and potential customers? More than ever before, security leaders, suppliers and integrators must seek out internal partnership opportunities where the implementation of multi-use technologies and integrated solutions enhance efficiency and lower costs for multiple organizations within a company.

What other challenges lie ahead for security organizations, suppliers, and integrators as we collectively move toward a “Return to Security?”

*Open to all ISC West Virtual Event Badgeholders. Will take place onsite and will be livestreamed to the ISC West Virtual Event platform.

Day 2 Keynote: Twenty-First Century Best Practices: Law Enforcement and Security Industry Confront Emergent Threats

Tuesday, July 20 | 8:45 AM - 9:30 AM
Featuring: James Gagliano, Retired FBI Supervisory Special Agent, Law Enforcement Analyst, Adjunct Assistant Professor and Doctoral Candidate in Police Use of Force at St. John’s University

Presented by James A. Gagliano, retired FBI professional with quarter-century experience in mitigating criminal and terrorist threats, this Keynote session will highlight essential 21st century adjustments in law enforcement and security postures. Gagliano has vast experience in crisis resolution which he now shares as a homeland security doctoral candidate, media law enforcement analyst, and industry speaker. He will address recent responses to contemporary challenges such as active shooters, bombings, domestic terrorism, and pandemic issues by identifying and disassembling the ever-evolving threat matrix.

*Open to all ISC West Virtual Event Badgeholders. Will take place onsite and will be livestreamed to the ISC West Virtual Event platform.

James Gagliano
Tracie Martin

Day 2 Virtual Keynote: Fostering Effective Communication Across Security, IT, and OT

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Tuesday, July 20 | 12:00 PM – 12:40 PM | Virtual Keynote
Featuring: Tracie Martin, Principal Security Engineer – IoT, AWS

As digital transformation drives the convergence of IT, OT, and security, it’s important for organizations to foster effective cross-divisional communication and collaboration. Too often, IT, OT, and security teams can easily misconstrue each other’s roles. To operate more effectively, innovate new products efficiently, and improve customer experience, all members of an organization must effectively understand and interact with each other. In this keynote session, learn how security wins are recognized as business value, how to provide actionable security feedback and collaborate across the product development process, and how to build a security-first approach to empower product teams to be their own security champions.

*Open to all ISC West Badgeholders. Will take place virtually only..

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